ESPERIA s.r.l. represents the synthesis of the experience of GRUPPO HAPPY production route. Complete cycle production from extrusion to thermoforming includes a complete range of STANDARD and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), transparent and colored polypropylene food containers, together with specific items specially designed and made to customer requirements, through a process that starts with the drafting of the design, the making of pilot samples for trials on the line, up to final production to guarantee delivery to the factory or the point of sale.

Growing demand for quality has convinced us of the importance of constant investments in technology and in human resources. Within GRUPPO HAPPY, this strategy has allowed us to achieve considerable targets and ensure «customized» quality for our customers, which take into account a whole set of parameters and conditions associated with, for example, the type of product to be packaged, the production lines, the specific requests, but also to the aspects associated with service and support.

ESPERIA's policy is to provide customers with a quality product, in the widest sense of the term, that is able to fully meet their expectations and that satisfies all aesthetic and functional aspects, which are so important for presenting the product inside of it and therefore its promotion at the point of sale.