PRIMA was founded in 1988 and represents the beginning of a commercial and industrial route in the food packaging sector, intended for the Food Industry and the Modern Distribution System. More than 20 years of experience, in terms of materials, machines and systems, have allowed us to formulate tailored proposals and solutions to solve the most varied exigencies of a continuous growing market, where an increasing request of functionality and food safety must be allied with the developing request of recyclability and environmental impact reduction. This is a competitive challenge which boosted the company towards a continuous collaboration with packaging producers, with requests and proposals directly formulated through the ongoing collaboration with the customer requirements.

The Expertise

PRIMA has gathered a knowledge and experience on a wide range of materials and products: flexible and rigid packaging made out of paper, plastic, aluminum, composite materials and the ones to use in the micro-wave, rather than a traditional oven. All this is connected to the functioning of the machines and the systems for the fresh products and those packed in modified atmosphere packaging. This is a sector which requires more and more growing and extended competencies so to supply the different department-store managers (the butcher’s, deli’s, confectionary’s, fruit and vegetables’) both in the food industry and in the modern distribution sector, functional and economical solutions, with strict respect of the food safety and the productivity, but also information and support on technical, functional, regulatory aspects etc…